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Vaccine FAQs

Have you ever had questions about the reason behind vaccinating your pet? Before you start to wonder, let the experts from Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital in Mission, B.C., answer some of your most commonly asked questions regarding pet vaccinations. 


Why Are Vaccines Important? 

A vaccine is given to your pet to help protect him from diseases that can cause severe illness or even death. Typically, your pet's first vaccine is given around three to four weeks old until he reaches about 16-20 weeks. Then, he will be given booster vaccines either every year or once every three years, depending on the type that was given. It's critical to begin a vaccination schedule early in life when your pet is the most susceptible to disease.

What Vaccines Does Should My Pet Receive? 

Pets are recommended by a veterinarian to receive what we call core or essential vaccines. These types of vaccines help them stay safe from the most common spreadable diseases. Examples of core vaccines for your pet can include:

• distemper, rabies, hepatitis, and parvovirus for dogs
• rabies, herpesvirus, calicivirus, and panleukopenia for cats

Our veterinarian can also recommend non-core vaccines for your pet to accommodate lifestyle habits such as a compromised immune system, frequent traveling, or excess time spent in the water at the beach or lake. It's always a good idea to share all pertinent information with our veterinarian so we can best serve your pet with the care they need.

Are Pet Vaccines Safe? 

Pet owners are almost always concerned about the well-being of their pets, so they have legitimate reasons to wonder about vaccine safety. Vaccines are generally safe for the most part. Your pet may be a little lethargic or have a loss of appetite for a day or two, but he will be back to normal relatively quickly. We do have emergency vet services for the unlikely event that your cat or dog is experiencing an adverse reaction. Overall, most veterinarians will agree that the benefits far outweigh the small risk that a pet vaccine offers.

What If My Pet Missed a Vaccine? 

Vaccines will lose effectiveness if you skip a scheduled vaccine or booster. However, if you know you're past the scheduled time, give us a call so we can get your pet back on track. Do try to commit to the pet vaccines early in life while your pet isn't mature yet.

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