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Pet Nutrition FAQ

As a loving and caring pet owner, you may be concerned about what healthy foods you should give your furry friend. However, finding the proper pet nutrition can be challenging due to conflicting information from pet food manufacturers and bloggers. We will discuss some frequently asked questions about pet nutrition so that you can make the best decisions. For more information on comprehensive vet care or pet nutrition, visit us at Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital in Mission.

Pet Nutrition FAQ

Should I Feed My Pet Human Food?

Disposing of food is not easy when you have a pet around. However, it's highly recommended to give your pet a diet that is explicitly designed for them. Pet diets come with multiple nutrients that are meant for a pet only. Your pet can eat human food once in a while, but pet food is the best.

What Should I Consider When Buying Pet Food?

Look for the nutrient guarantee of the food. The best dog food should highlight the meal's nutritional value in terms of minerals, proteins, and vitamins; all indicated on the ingredients list. Other things to consider when buying pet food include your dog’s unique dietary needs, age, health, and cost. The right food should contain everything your dog needs.

Can I Change My Pet’s Diet?

Changing your pet’s diet is advisable every six months. Rotating your pet’s diet ensures your pet gets all of the nutrients and doesn’t suffer allergic reactions when suddenly introduced to a new meal. For the best results, rotate between different protein sources, such as lamb, chicken, and beef. You can also change the diet when your pet becomes allergic to it.

Should I Have a Feeding Schedule for My Pet?

You may or may not have a feeding schedule for your pet. However, having a schedule is better because it trains your pet on feeding times. For a puppy, you can schedule three to four feeding times a day. For an adult pet, two to three times per day is enough. Ensure each meal has the right balance of nutrients.

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