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Microchipping FAQs

At Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital, we receive many questions about microchipping. As a pet owner, it is understandable to want to keep your pet safe and secure, and a microchip is an easy and effective method to give you added peace of mind. If you live in Mission, Maple Ridge, or the surrounding areas and would like to schedule a microchipping appointment for your furry friend, contact our veterinarians at Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital.

Microchipping FAQs

What is a Microchip?

Microchips are small electrical chips about as big as a grain of rice. Microchips are not battery operated, and they are activated by a scanner passed over the area. The chip transmits an identification number to the scanner that displays the information.

How are Microchips Implanted?

Microchips are inserted using a hypodermic needle. The injections are typically painless, and most pets don't even notice. Microchipping can also be done while your pet is under anesthesia for another procedure, like spay or neutering.

Is Privacy a Concern with Microchips?

You don't need to worry about privacy concerns. Only the information you provide will be contained in the microchip registry. Many protections exist, so another person cannot compromise your information.

How Does the Microchip Reunite You With Your Lost Pet?

Pets are inspected for a microchip when an animal is brought to a shelter, clinic, or animal hospital. If a microchip is found and the registry is accurate, it is quick to reunite you with your pet.

Are Microchips Used to Replace Identification Tags?

Microchips are not replacements for ID tags. Microchips offer another layer of security for your pet that is tamper-proof. They are convenient and helpful if a tag is lost or becomes worn. It may also be the only means of identification if your pet's collar is lost or gets removed.

How Do I Find Out If an Adopted Pet Is Microchipped?

The shelter that you adopted the pet from should be able to tell you if the pet is microchipped. A lot of shelters microchip all adopted pets, and many clinics have microchip scanners. Microchips also show up on x-rays.

Contact Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital for Microchipping Services

Microchipping is a safe and effective method for returning lost pets. This simple procedure could be the difference between losing your pets or returning them to you safe and sound. At Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital, we provide a variety of services, including microchipping, for pets in Maple Ridge, Mission, and the surrounding areas. Call our team today at (604) 286-0160 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.