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Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital Discusses Pet Grooming

Proper care for pets involves providing nutritious food, fresh water, plenty of exercise and periodic veterinary visits. Good grooming practices are also part of keeping your pet healthy. Attention to coat, nails, ears and eyes will help your pet not only to look good, but also to enjoy better overall health.


At Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital in Mission, B.C, we offer a range of veterinary services to help pets stay healthy and happy. Our pet grooming services are available to help busy pet owners.

The Importance of Grooming For Your Pet

Regular grooming helps to remove dirt, allergens and irritants that can affect your pet’s skin. Grooming also can eliminate matting and other problems that can get worse over time and cause serious problems. In addition, regular grooming helps to find problems that may need attention, such as parasites, skin infections, lumps or lesions. In this way, your pet can get the veterinary attention needed before a more serious problem develops.

Finding the Right Grooming Routine For Your Pet

You may have a breed that needs regular cutting by a professional groomer. Generally, groomers will take care of coat trimming, nail care, ear cleaning and other tasks. For most pets, however, simple home grooming is sufficient, with an occasional bath, weekly brushing to control shedding and remove dirt and periodic nail trims. Cleaning ears and eyes should also be done on a regular basis. Cats are generally efficient in grooming their own coats, but they may sometimes get into something dirty or sticky and need a bath. They also need regular ear cleaning to prevent mites, nail trimming and cleaning of the eyes with a damp cotton ball.

Don’t Forget Your Pet's Teeth

Regular tooth brushing will help to reduce tartar that builds up on teeth that can loosen teeth as the animal ages. The bacteria on teeth can migrate throughout the body, leading to problems of the heart, liver and kidneys. Pet owners can prevent these problems with regular tooth brushing at home. You can find specially formulated toothpaste, along with tooth brushing products, to brush your pet’s teeth. Your vet can also provide thorough periodic teeth cleaning to remove the plaque that builds up on teeth.

Make Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Mission, B.C.

The veterinarians and team and Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital use their training and experience to help their patients in Mission, B.C. and surrounding areas maintain good health at every stage of life. We offer many veterinary services for our patients, including wellness exams, senior pet care, vaccinations, surgery, laser therapy and emergency vet care. Contact Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital today at (604) 286-0160 for an appointment to learn about the services we offer to keep pets healthy.