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Eye Health

Common Conditions Pet Owners Should Watch For

Most pets rely on their vision day in and day out. Unfortunately, many animals are prone to eye infections. If these infections aren’t brought under control, your companion’s vision and overall well-being could be put at risk. Other factors could also affect your pet’s vision, including pollen, cuts, cataracts, and various retina diseases.

eye health

Think your pet is experiencing eye health issues? Visit Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital, serving Mission, Maple Ridge, and other neighboring communities. Let’s examine some common eye health issues that pets experience. We’ll also outline some common symptoms and tell-tale signs. Keep in mind, however, that this list is far from exhaustive.

Cataracts and Pets

Many pets will suffer from cataracts, which form when proteins in the eye start to break down. As pets age, they’ll become more vulnerable to cataracts. Unfortunately, cataracts can result in blurry vision, trouble seeing at night, and other issues. They are pretty easy to find as they’ll produce a cloudy spot on the eye. A vet can perform cataract surgery to remove these spots.

Eye Infections

Many pets are prone to eye infections, which are caused by bacteria and other microbes. If an eye infection isn’t treated quickly, the risk of complications will increase greatly. A pet may permanently lose their vision, for example. If you notice discharges coming from the eye, as well as redness, swelling, or pawing at the eyes, it’s possible that your companion is suffering an eye infection.

Scratches and Wounds

If your companion’s eyes are scratched or wounded, it could increase the risks of infections and cause other problems as well. Infections can be treated with the appropriate medications, such as antibiotics. If you want to prevent your pet from scratching their infected eye, you might use an eye patch. In some situations, surgery may be needed, and severe cases may necessitate removing the eye.

Dry Eye in Pets

Typically, the eye can moisturize itself via the tear duct. Unfortunately, the tear ducts may not always produce enough tears, but you can use eye drops to moisturize your companion’s eyes. This can relieve irritation and promote good eye health.


Many people who suffer from allergies get red, itchy eyes. The same is true for pets. Eye drops and other treatments may help. Lifestyle changes, including skipping walks at the park on high pollen count days, may also be needed.

Ask a Vet if You Have Additional Eye Care Questions

The above list covers some of the most important topics regarding eye health. However, it’s not exhaustive, and you may have further questions. Are you looking for a veterinarian near me? If so, it’s time to talk to a veterinarian at Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital, which serves Mission, Maple Ridge, and other areas nearby.