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Vaccinating Your Cat

As a cat owner, you want your pet to stay healthy and happy for as long as possible. One of the ways our team at Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital in Mission, BC, and Maple Ridge, BC, can support you in this goal is by administering your cat or kitten’s immunizations. Whether your cat needs his first vaccines or merely some boosters, we’re happy to provide the help you need as a veterinarian near you.

Vaccinating Your Cat

Why Are Vaccinations Important for Your Cat?

As with humans, cats can contract dangerous but preventable diseases if they don’t get their vaccines regularly. Some illnesses that immunizations prevent like feline leukemia can be incurable, so it’s better to take time out of your busy schedule to get your cat vaccinated than let your cat run the risk of developing these illnesses down the line. Although vaccines can’t stop a cat from contracting an illness after exposure, they can prevent them from getting a disease before exposure in the first place.

Indoor Pets

If your feline stays indoors, you might think that you don’t need to vaccinate him. After all, you might not see the risks that your cat could encounter indoors. Unfortunately, even if your pet stays indoors, he or she might be at risk of contracting illnesses like rabies since carriers, such as bats, could find their way into your home even if you don’t take your pet outside. Rather than running the risk of your cat getting ill, we recommend getting your pet vaccinated.


For renters, landlords may also require that your cat be kept up to date on vaccinations as a condition of the lease. To avoid putting your pet at risk and ensure that your kitty can legally stay in your apartment or rented home, you should prioritize getting their vaccines on time. If you struggle to remember to take your cat to the vet for vaccines, we recommend setting an alarm on your calendar.

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For cat owners seeking a veterinarian near you, contact us at Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital, serving Mission, BC, and Maple Ridge, BC. Call us at (604) 286-0160 for cat care and kitten care from a veterinarian near you at our animal hospital.