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Pet Anesthesia FAQs

Our Veterinary Hospital Answers Your Pet Anesthesia FAQs

Pets sometimes develop health problems that require surgical procedures to correct the problem. Veterinary anesthesia is used to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety during surgery. Pet owners often have concerns when their dog or cat is put under anesthesia.


At Stave Lake Veterinary Hospital in Mission, B.C., we always keep the health of your pet in mind. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we receive about pet anesthesia.

Will My Pet Receive A Health Screening Before Anesthesia?

Animals are given a full health screening before their surgical procedure to detect any problems what could affect the administration of anesthesia or cause problems with the procedure itself. If a health issue is found, your vet will discuss alternative treatments that might be better for your pet.

Is The Anesthesia Used For Animals Safe?

Veterinary pharmaceutical companies conduct extensive research when developing medicines and anesthetics used on animals. They work hard to ensure that your pet’s anesthetic is safe and effective, has a low rate of reactions, and does not cause lingering effects in animals.

How Will My Pet Be Monitored While Under Anesthesia?

Heart rate and blood pressure are carefully monitored while your pet is under an anesthetic to ensure their safety. If any problem develops, your vet will quickly administer protocols to correct the problem.

How Long Will It Take For Anesthesia To Wear Off?

The amount of time an anesthetic wears off can vary from animal to animal. In some cases, an animal may recover completely after an hour or two. In other cases, your pet may be groggy for several hours or even a day or two after anesthesia. Pet owners should keep their pets quiet and in a separate area of the home where they can rest and recover from their procedure. If you notice any unusual reactions, your veterinarian will be available to discuss your concerns.

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